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What We Do


To start your child’s Sleepoverzzz Club booking, choose which The Sleepoverzzz Club party theme and package you would like. We will check availability on the date needed.


Please give us a few weeks' notice if possible so that we can create your childs perfect teepee sleepover and if possible add any extras you may require. 


It is still sometimes possible to organise with short notice, but please remember that weekends are typically optimal times for children's sleepovers and will generally require a few weeks notice.



Once your sleepover party booking is confirmed,  we will contact you either by phone or email to discuss all the details.


 Please let us know if you have any ideas or requests for your child's sleepover and we will do our best to accommodate them. 


During the week prior to your Sleepoverzzz Club date, we will call you up for a final confirmation about delivery time and any other necessary information so everything runs smoothly on the day itself


The day has arrived... to professionally assemble our stunning teepee tents. It takes approximately 60-90 minutes to transform your room into a magical Sleepoverzzz Club party setting (depending on the number of tents required).


Once everything is perfect, we'll disappear and it's up to you and the children to have the best night in ever! 

The next morning The Sleepoverzzz Club will return to at our arranged time to take it all away and give you some well earned rest. 

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