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Getting started

Once your Child pass the stage of mega parties in a village hall or crazy soft play run arounds, they tend to want smaller celebrations with just their best friends. My eldest turned 9 last month and was absolutely set on having a sleepover party with 6 of her best friends. We were so lucky to have the wonderful The Sleepoverzzz club create Vintage Nights theme in the lounge along with their new Mini Spa package.

When I was little, a sleepover party just on the floor but these days the sleepover craze has gone super special

The trend started in America with specialist companies popping up to create magical slumber set ups. In the UK big name stars have had parties for their kids.

Magical Sleepover party set up....

You could throw together some camping mats and a few sleep bags but thesleepoverzzzclub really do create the most amazing set ups. You choose a theme and any extras and then they come to your house, set it all up and come back the next day to take it away. Simple!

What too do at a SleepoverzzzClub Party

  • Movie Night – make some fresh popcorn, select a movie and snuggle up with the latest film.

  • Video Games – dig out any old games consoles you have or borrow from friends and have a retro video games night.

  • Board Games – interactive games like Pictionary are great fun. You could even get some flip chart paper and go for super sized drawings.

  • Karaoke Dance & Disco – crank up the music and hit the lounge floor.

  • Pamper Party – put together some little pamper packs for each guest with a face mask, nail varish (if you dare).

  • Baking – why not bake and decorate your own mini cupcakes.

  • Pizza Party – buy pizza bases and toppings and then let the kids make their own pizzas. That’s dinner sorted too. If you’re arranging a super duper massive sleepover in a hall then you could always have Velo Pizzeria come along. They do fab make your own pizza parties or they could just do it all for you.Individual placemats

Mini Spa

The Sleepoverzzzclub offer a Mini Spa pamper Package

this includes... Bowls

  • Vanity mirrors

  • Headbands

  • Two flannels (one for washing and one for drying) per child

  • Pump dispenser with cleanser ~ Childs Farm

  • Decorative orchidsaergenic) Strawberry's and cream

  • Moisturiser ~ Childs Farm

  • Decorative flowers

  • Brushes for mask and moisturiser

  • Glasses for refreshments (plastic wine glasses)

  • Extra bowls for fruit/cucumber

  • Refreshment jug

Contact us

Please reach out to us for any questions or queries you may have using our Contact Us page or make an Enquiry here

The Sleepoverzzz Club T: 07825 706 765 Belper Derbyshire DE56 1TG


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