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Stanley's Sleepover Party

Updated: May 22, 2022

Decision Time.....

Stanley really liked the idea of inviting his close friends to his Thesleepoverzzclub party so the Marvel Mayhem package was ideal sleepover theme. Stanley absolutely loves Marvel movies so this was a no brainer. It was definitely going to be a teepee sleepover party to remember.

Set Up On The Day

On the day of the party, we set up and styled the teepee tents and arranged the children's sleepover area in plenty of time for the guests to arrive. The teepee sleepover tents were decorated with plush cotton bedding, An assortment of Marvel themed cushions, fairy lights, Marvel rug, pompoms Marvel plushies and action figures.

A breakfast tray with lanterns, matching sleepover accessories were

placed at the bottom of each tent. Stanley loved the bedding theme which complimented this sleepover theme amazingly.

When Stanley saw his surprise dream Thesleepoverzzzclub party for the first time, he was so excited and couldn't wait to share it with his special friends.

The guests arrive

On their arrival, Stanley took his friends straight in to the super hero transformed living room to reveal his dream Thesleepoverzzzclub party and their reaction was pure excitement,

Once everyone had chosen their stunning tents and unpacked their pjs, they all sat down for Stanley to open his cards and gifts.

After watching their favourite movie they returned to their glamorous teepees and snuggled into their cosy beds to tell silly stories. With just the fairy lights around the tents and the lanterns lighting up the room the setting was truly awesome.

The morning after

The next day we packed and cleared everything away. The boys all loved their teepee sleepover tents so much they didn’t want to leave them. Stanleys sleepover had been the most amazing sleepover party for her and her friends that they would never forget.

If you are looking for kids party ideas at home, and would like to give your child the most amazing sleepover party, look no further. Thesleepoverzzzclub can offer the perfect teepees for hire to create the most memorable sleepover parties for your children.

The Sleepoverzzz Club T: 07825 706 765 Belper Derbyshire DE56 1TG


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