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The social and emotional b benefits to Sleepover party

Our Children need some fun!

Without a doubt, one of the biggest struggles for us as parents this past year has been watching the effect social deprivation has had on our children. Had the pandemic not turned our lives upside down our weeks would have been filled with indoor playdates, after-school programs and trips away with other families. Both our girls are really feeling the effects, and I know all of us have become a bit co-dependant. Even though I know they need to start going back out into the world a bit more (whenever that will be), the thought of it definitely gives me anxiety!

Time to play with other children is a crucial part of childhood development and emotional learning. Within their friendships, children learn valuable life lessons about trust, loyalty, and caring for others. And sending them off to a sleepoverzzzclub party at a trusted friend's house can also increase their feelings of independence and confidence outside of their own homes. Something that we're definitely going to have to build on after the past few years of togetherness! Lisa Artis, head of The Sleep Council in the UK says 'As parents, we should be building up little chunks of independence that enable our children to manage without us for short stretches of time – and sleepover parties are a good way of achieving this in a safe and controlled environment. she says, adding that sleepover parties can also enable children to learn new skills – for example, packing clothes, getting ready for bed without their parents being around, and overcoming separation anxiety.

Here at the SleepoverzzzClub we offer perfect settings for your child's first sleepover in a while or even ever!

Come and sleep under our fabulous Teepee tents decorated in fairy lights and your choice theme of course.


Our Packages offer something for everyone....

Vintage Nights - Our teepee tents are decorated with a beautiful assortment of cushions, flowers, lanterns, beautiful plushie birds, breakfast tray tables

Marvel Mayhem - Is your inner superhero is bursting to get out? sleep under the protection of the Avengers, in our teepee tents, Marvel action figures, cushions , fairy lights, plushies and breakfast tray tables.

Its A Jungle out There Sleep in our teepee tents along side Jungle animals of dreamzzz! Palm leaves, fairy lights, lanterns and breakfast trays! Contact us

Please reach out to us for any questions or queries you may have using our Contact Us page or make an Enquiry here

The Sleepoverzzz Club T: 07825 706 765 Belper Derbyshire DE56 1TG

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