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We’ve all got memories of the childhood sleepovers we had as children. From the spooky stories told at bedtime, to the laughs shared after the lights are turned out, there’s no doubt a sleepover party is going to be a huge amount of fun!

If you’ve been trying to think about how to throw a party your children and their friends will absolutely love, you’ve come to the right place.

Hosting a group of little ones at bedtime takes some serious planning! No need to panic though—The Sleepoverzzz Club has put together a few tips and tricks in order to throw the ultimate sleepover party.

Choose a Theme

A party theme is a perfect way of making your party stand out and will help you stay on track throughout the planning process.

Use your child’s interests and favourite things to guide your theme. Whether that be a jungle, vintage or even a super hero themed sleepover party. You might even decide to go for a colour theme, it’s all up to you!

You can plan decorations, activities and invitations around the theme, which will not only make your party look professional, but also impress your teepee party guests.

If you’re having trouble deciding, head over to our packages page for loads of theme inspiration!

Invitations and Guests

Now it’s time to choose the guests! We recommend giving your little one a limit, then letting them choose who to invite. Remember, you’ll need a lot of room to host everyone—so we recommend keeping the guest list small.

Once you’ve narrowed down your guest list, you can create some fun invitations.

As a parent, sending your kids away for a sleepover can be a little daunting so make sure you send out the invites well ahead of time, have plenty of information and offer contact details so parents can get in touch if they’ve got any concerns.

Prepare for drop off and pick up

Have a designated time for everyone to arrive for the sleepover on the invitations—but expect kids to arrive at slightly different times.

Greet all the parents and young ones as they come, this will make everyone feel comfortable and ease any nerves. Have some tea or coffee ready so parents can hang around for a little while before they say goodbye for the night. This will also give you a chance to get to know some of the mums and dads you may not have met before

Have your child show their friends into the teepee party room, where they’ll be sleeping and offer them a place for them to keep their things. This will keep everyone busy without starting the party activities, preventing anyone from feeling left out if they arrive last.

Make sure you have a time arranged in advance, so parents know when to start arriving to take their children home. Putting this amongst the details on your invitations is the best option.

Contact us

Please reach out to us for any questions or queries you may have using our Contact Us page or make an Enquiry here

The Sleepoverzzz Club T: 07825 706 765 Belper Derbyshire DE56 1TG


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