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How To Host a children's Sleepover

Updated: May 22, 2022

Having your child’s friends over for the first time can be a worry.

Here’s how you can make it go well (they might even get some sleep)…

Your child’s first sleepover can be a little bit of a worry. Whether it’s the first time they’re staying at someone else’s house or a friend is coming to you, there could be potential for a late night pick up! I’m not saying I wouldn’t pick up my crying child from a sleepover party at midnight, but who would want to leave a Sleepoverzzz club party early and leave one of our teepee tents behind?

Most children have their first sleepover between the ages of 6 and 8, an age group known for being finicky. A Sleepover is something they’ve been begging to do for weeks is suddenly deemed unfun after a few minutes.

With that in mind, here's how you can settle the children into their first Sleepoverzzz club party and keep your child’s first sleepover going smoothly.

3 child party tents ready for a sleepover
How To Host a children's Sleepover

The Main Event....

First, make sure you’ve got a note of children's parents contacts and any allergies.

Other than that, the next best thing you can do is think about timing. Arrange a drop off and pick up times for the sleepover so everyone is clear. It is my experience that a good sleepover is like the best of stories: they begin late and wrap up early. Always leave guests wanting more. In an ideal world, a child sleepover arrives for afternoon tea and leaves just after breakfast. This time frame seems to allow for the maximum amount of fun, keep everyone happy in each others company and Keep the children busy until it's time to settle down into one our themed teepee tents.

We offer a fun range of themed teepee tents for children and pre-teens to enjoy check out our price list page

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